Uplifting Education: Teacher as the Implementer

Education is one of the most important titles that every person should have and can never be taken from the beholder. There is a policy in Education that says no children must be left behind. But the question is, how can we meet it? How is it possible to encourage a child without even showing just a piece of hope? Well, teachers are the one who will make it for you.
The world is now on the process of improving and uplifting the curriculum in education to cater to the needs of its stakeholders. As of now, we’ve been through a lot of implementation, and we don’t even have an idea how is it worked, or will it work? The truth is, it all goes to the hands of the teachers, they are the one implementing it and making it for the sake of every stakeholder.
Let’s tell the truth, that our government put the entire burden to the teachers, but that’s what not we’re gonna focus on. I’m going to put the highlight on how teachers made it and surviving to make it for us. In terms of implementing teachers are professional on doing their job, they are all fully equipped with seminars, workshop, and a lot more.
However, their lot of implementation, teachers are the one deciding the fate to make it more especially to the students. Teachers are fully equipped and flexible in deciding which strategy they will be using to a specific student. We all know that every student has its own way of learning; the teacher must address each one of them.
Base on my experience, handling students is kinda hard and challenging, and that moment that I experience their situation, that’s the moment I realized there are heroes to make it every day for the sake of their students. So, give your teacher worth because they do for you.

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